Influenza vaccine is available now. - サンインターナショナルクリニック|カンボジアの日系病院

Influenza vaccine is available now.

Influenza vaccine is in stock.

If you would like to take the influenza vaccine, please make an appointment before visiting our clinic.

Coronavirus continues to spread in Cambodia.

Please be careful about infection of influenza too.

Inoculate the flu vaccine and try to prevent infection.

* Influenza vaccine does not completely prevent the onset, but it is said that it has the effect of reducing the possibility of doing so and preventing the aggravation when it develops.

The vaccine price is $ 20.

* Please note that the number of influenza vaccines is limited.

For vaccine appointments and inquiries, please use the phone number or email below.

+855-(0)23-956-777, +855-(0)93-212-038 (Khmer, English, Chinese)

+855- (0) 69-268-060, +855- (0) 92-116-613 (Japanese)