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Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat)

Cosmetic surgery, dermatology

Consultation for stains, skin tumor, allergy, freckles, acne, rough skin, wrinkles, sagging, body odou.

The nose high to beautifully. there is also a method that does not use the knife.

Botox injections(wrinkle that can be by expression (expression wrinkles) It will disappear)

Shock faction treatment(treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED))

Laser treatment(erase the stain of your skin)

Breast augmentation surgery(inconspicuous surgery marks, use the silicon back)

Cosmetic Surgical operation
Skin tumor excision (Benign tumor) – 5cm

5cm – 15cm

15cm –

mole, nevus (face)

Skin tumor excision (Malignant tumor) SCC


Scar contracture exclusion Scar contracture exclusion

Hypertrophic scar removal

Double eyelid Not to cut (burying of the thread)

Incision (lipectomy) method

Incision (skin lipectomy) method

Upper eyelid wrinkle resection Palpebra superior incision

Eyebrows neighborhood incision

Lower eyelid wrinkle resection Not to cut (lipectomy)

Incision (skin) method

Incision (skin lipectomy) method

Face wrinkle resection Hyaluronic acid infusion


Screw thread lift 60

Screw thread lift 100

Stain removal cream Hydroquinone Retinoic acid
Augment mammaplasty Breast silicon implant insertion
Osmidrosis recovery operation BTOX(50U)

Apocrine gland removal

Placenta InjectionFor a shoulder discomfort, a fair skin, hangover improvement, menopausal disorders, thepalliation of allergic symptom.

White InjectionTo a person aiming at the skin like transparent Snow White,for a stain, chloasma, a pimple trace, the follow after the sunburn.

Skin adjustment InjectionFully combine vitamins with skin It is the trouble for stomatitis, atopy, an allergic symptom, incurable itching and eczema.

Garlic InjectionPhysical strength consumption by sports, when wewant to raise concentration, when fatigue is strong or a cold is hard to be cured.

Highly-concentrated vitamins intravenous feeding (12.5g / 25g)In the one where the beauty and health are pursued more promote the activation of cells and inhibit immunity improvement, generation of the melanin and thin a stain and, by generation promotion effects of the collagen, raise tension, elasticity of the skin and are effective for wrinkles and slack.

Carnitine intravenous feedingToward the one, the metabolic syndrome to be worried about fat and a cell light on. the day when an injection was received, metabolism goes up it in simple stretching and moving a body diligently.

General Practice/Internal Medicine (diabetes, hepatitis, infection, cold, etc)
We prescribe a safe drug made ​​in Japan. Plus, our medical specialist will make the appropriate diagnosis and inspection.
Perform the life management of diabetes patient, we provide diabetes treatment standard of Japan by diabetes specialist.
In addition to general medical treatment, we are specializing in the treatment of lifestyle-related diseases (Hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, cirrhosis, obesity, chronic renal failure, metabolic syndrome).
Medical issues specific to Cambodia (Internal Medicine)
The disease dynamics of people of Phnom Penh switch over from an infection to chronic disease, but lack of a physician and a medical institution which there are a diagnosis, treatment, appropriate medication, and living guidance. We also provide treatment corresponding to the chronic disease.
We treat pain, such as nerve and joint. We will also treat injuries such as muscle and bone.
Depending on the state of the pain, we conduct the control of pain by the injection of the pain-killer.
Medical issues specific to Cambodia (Orthopaedics)
By using the latest technology, we will control the pain, such as chronic joint. We will do the treatment for patient to be able to spend a day comfortably.
Gastrointestinal med
We will make the diagnosis and treatment such as gastric ulcer, reflux, chronic gastritis, chronic constipation, and infectious diarrhea.
We conduct gastric cancer and early detection of esophageal cancer.
By using the endoscope, we will do the examination and treatment of latest.
Medical issues specific to Cambodia (Gastroenterology)
We will provide the treatment of digestive tract using an endoscope which is the first time in Cambodia. It will be the latest treatment that causes less pain.
An experienced pediatrician is responsible for diagnosis and treatment.
We will do the treatment of the disease in cooperation with other specialists.
Medical issues specific to Cambodia (Paediatrics)
Providing the best treatment with the other specialists for treating children with several diseases. Various children.
Treatments and disgnosis in kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra and male genitalia such as penis, prostate,and testicular. It also covers the treatment for adrenal diseases.
Both males and females are vulnearable to sexually transmitted diseases. Feel free to visit us if these are suspected.
If you experience a urinary problem (i.e. Urine leaking, Loss of Urine Control, etc), please contact us immediately.
Medical issues specific to Cambodia(Urology)

HIV: AIDS patients, reported as HIV patients, often work in sex industry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan suggests to see a urologist in presence of swelling of unknown heat and lymph glands after sexual contact.

Plastic surgery
Treating several skin issues such as burns, injuries, and bedsores.
Others might include upside down eyelashes, ear abnormalities, cleft lip, limb abnormalities, funnel chest, Debeso, bruises, facial bone fractures, and facial nerve paralysis.