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25 May 2018

~Consultation of gastrointestinal specialist doctor~
Japanese gastroenterologists, Dr Nakamura, will consult from 26th May to 31th May.We will offer 50% off for gastroscopy investigation (Including Helicobacter pylori test) with Please Do not miss this opportunity. An appointment require.
Sun International Clinic 
TEL: 023-956-777/ 012 485 088/ 086 979 656 [EN, Khmer, Chinese] 069-268-060[JPN]

日本人の消化器専門医 中村医師が5/26(土)~5/31(木)まで診療致します。今回、内視鏡検査(ピロリ菌検査も含む) を50%オフで提供させていただきます。この機会をお見逃しなく!事前にお電話での予約が必要になります。

Sun International Clinic 
TEL:  069-268-060,092-116-613 [ JPN ] 
023-956-777 [ EN, Khmer,Chinese ] 
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